What happens in the farms impacts the entire food chain and goes even further. For example, indiscriminate use of crop protection chemicals leads not only to unnecessary expenditure for the farmers, it may lead to crop losses, development of resistance in pest, presence of excessive residues in the final produce and ultimately impact their incomes. Farmers particularly, those that are engaged in exporting their produce, may face rejection of export consignments and that may cause huge losses. It also affects their reputation and reliability as suppliers if they are engaged in contract farming with export marking companies.

These issues impact the image and reputation of a country particularly when it aspires to become a reliable export hub agri commodities and also meat products. All these may result in reduced international trade prospects, foreign exchange earnings and impact the economic growth of the nation.

CropLife India has always propagated Responsible and judicious use of agrochemicals and use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while spraying agrochemicals.

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