With an increase in population, demand for food grains is increasing at a faster pace as compared to its production. The opportunity lies in developing and executing innovative farming solutions that addresses the needs of the Indian farmer with very low landholding size, resources and knowhow available to him. This necessitates the use of crop protection solutions in a judicious manner within the confines of a regulatory framework of the country.

Policy and advocacy plays an important role, keeping in line with CropLife India’s vision of being committed to advancing towards a sustainable agriculture, while maintaining the product stewardship lead through various farmer awareness/ training programs and engaging meaningfully with different stakeholders across the country to enhance farmers’ prosperity and contributing to food security.

CropLife India has been playing a key thought leadership role on progressive regulations in the country by bringing in international expertise to share global best practices and advances in science and technology to Indian regulators and policy makers.

CropLife India has been engaging with the Government and key stakeholders while advancing towards a progressive regulation, promoting responsible & judicious use of pesticides, addressing issues of counterfeits & spurious products and empty pesticides container management in India.

Currently CropLife India works with the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer Welfare on “Grow Safe Food Campaign”, through various initiatives targeted towards farmer and dealers while working closely with key State Governments.

With more than half of its population dependent on agriculture, India needs sustainable solutions to feed a 1.21 billion population. In this endeavor, CropLife India and its member companies works towards introducing the latest technologies and solutions on Crop Protection, thus supporting its safe and judicious use to promote a sustainable agriculture.