Innovation and Intellectual Property (IP) rights such as patents and plant breeders’ rights are established legal instruments that provide incentives for innovations in agriculture: innovations such as improved crop protection chemistries and new plant varieties that help farmers more while using fewer natural resources.


Intellectual property rights (IPR) supports the growth of an economy and society by encouraging the development of new technologies. Agricultural companies invest in research and development (R&D) to bring forward new agricultural innovations and drive long-term agricultural productivity, rural development and environmental sustainability. IP tools like patents are also used to protect crop protection innovations, while also enhancing opportunities for licensing and technology dissemination.

Population change in India vs climatic and demand changes: Increase in Population demands changes in food, fiber, health : increased demand in Agriculture resources

The development and utilization of intellectual property rights is an integral aspect of economic growth. Our industry is committed to sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology and through continual improvement of existing products. We can help meet the challenges of a growing world by supplying innovative tools to grow more food, feed, fuel and fibre sustainably.

For more information on IPR visit WTO | Intellectual property (TRIPS)