Farmer Awareness

CropLife India’s stewardship activities are focused on responsible & safe use of crop protection products and Empty Pesticides Container Management. Lack of awareness and source of getting the Personal Protective Equipment amongst Small holder farmers and Spray operators has always raised a concern on the risk of unprotected exposure while handling and applying Crop Protection products. CropLife India’s outreach has been operative, involving organisations at the grass root level to spread awareness amongst farmers on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and the importance of using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

The messages to spread awareness amongst farmers, covered a wide range of topics such as transportation and secure storage of Crop Protection products, understanding the label, judicious and responsible use of Crop Protection products, personal health and hygiene, use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), correct spraying techniques, maintaining sprayers and nozzles, triple rinsing of used containers and raising awareness on Counterfeit, Spurious, Substandard and Unregistered/Unlicensed Pesticides to educate farmers and create awareness that spurious/illegal products must not be used despite compelling prices.

CropLife India has been demonstrating its sustained commitment to promote stewardship as the key driver for a resilient, sustainable and a profitable food and agribusiness sector in India through multiple initiatives. We have a long history of creating awareness and building capacity on sustainable practices among various stakeholders including farmers, agriculture input retailers, agricultural extension staff, custom officials, key stakeholders and several NGOs.

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