Eight Benefits Of Pesticides

Pesticides help farmers to produce more with less land.

With the introduction of pesticides, farmers have been able to produce bigger crops on less land, Increasing crop productivity by between 20 and 50 percent. In addition, pesticides allow farmers to maximize the benefits of other valuable agricultural tools, such as high quality seeds, fertilizers and water resources. Pesticides are therefore an indispensable tool for the sustainable production of high quality food and fibers.

Pesticides ensure bountiful harvests.

Numerous scientific studies show that eating fruit and vegetables regularly reduces the risk of many cancers, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other chronic diseases.

Pesticides help keep food affordable.

Farmers grow more food on the same land with the help of pesticides. Studies have shown that growers of organic vegetables spend significantly more on hand weeding compared to growers who use herbicides. This explains why organic food is more expensive than conventionally grown food.

Pesticides help reduce waterborne and insect transmitted diseases.

Such as malaria, Lyme disease and West Nile virus. Pesticides contribute to enhanced human health by preventing disease outbreaks through the control of rodent and insect populations.

Pesticides help conserve the environment.

They enable farmers to produce more crops per unit area with less tillage, thus reducing deforestation, conserving natural resources and curbing soil erosion. Pesticides are also critical for the control of invasive species and noxious weeds.

Herbicides have removed the hardship of hand weeding.

This means farming families across the world have the choice to pursue education and opportunities away from farming, thus improving quality of life and living standards.

Pesticides have transformed developing countries into food producers.

Crop protection products have helped farmers in the developing world grow two or three crops a year, so much that these countries can become ‘breadbaskets’ for the rest of the world. The food exports benefit people in temperate countries with shorter growing seasons.

Securing what’s in storage.

Even after the crop is in, it can be subject to attack by pests. Bugs, moulds, and rodents can harm precious grains. Pesticides used in stored products can prolong the viable life of the produce, prevent huge post-harvest losses from pests and diseases and protect the grain so it is safe to eat.

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  3. You shall never know my name, fool!!!!

    Pesticides will kill off the pests, but what about the plants with flowers? It’ll kill off the pollinators, and then the crops will die, and what then?

    1. Charlotte

      That’s the problem with pesticides. It can kill of helpful species along with the pests. This is when farmers have the option of using biological control which is introducing other species which essentially kill only the species of pets you want gone.

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  5. Angela Jessica

    Eight benefits of pesticides does seem like a tricky thing to do. I like that you explained that the cost of farm health & safety in by a few different things. I didn’t realize that the city and types of equipment used could affect the price a lot.

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